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MISSON working out what God is doing, and joining God in that.


  • Remembering that God is present beyond the walls of the Church.

  • Showing God's love for the world through Caring and Service

  • Sharing the Good News of how God has transformed our lives.

  • Understanding that simple actions can have profound consequences.

"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will send you out to fish for people."

(Mark 1: 17, from the NIV)

Circuit Strategy

This workbook contains a full outline of how our churches can develop their Mission Plan, incorporating and adding to previous insights and responding well as they emerge out of lockdown. A simple flowchart is to be found on page 3. 

Outlines the thinking and process that underpins our 2019-early 2020 Circuit Review, as we discerned how we can share the resources we have across our churches more effectively. The discussions inncorated, 'One Church for Peterborough', 'Team Preaching', 'Lay Pastors', and 'Local Mission Enablers'. In practice this led to:

A determination to move away from preachers being spread across the plan towards preachers having a closer relationship with a more limited number of churches. We began to explore this though 'co-ordinated' preachers.

We affirmed the present role of pastoral secretaries in churches and instead of appointing 'lay pastors', recognised the lay support that was already in place in local churches.

We recognised that some worship leaders and local preachers or other lay leaders could serve in one church but provide key support in supporting mission in another. 

There is a desire for ministers to be seen across the circuit more rather than in a section model, but the current way of operating limits this.

Sadly the coronavirus hindered progress but these are the in-principle conclusions of Reimagine 1 and 2.

This report on the impact of Fresh Expressions and new work in the life of the Church evidences the impact of the movment across our churches nationally. Helpful reading for churches looking to grow, and questioning how we measure growth.

2018 Introduction; What is 'church', What us 'discipleship', and What is 'evangelism'.

2018 A helpful document that invites leaders to reflect on how the church's mission relates to local demographics, the range of activities that take place in the church building, the delineation between these that are 'church' events. Churches are encouraged to discuss how they can best make use of these connections, and how they invite people to become involved practically in the work of the church.  

2018 Designed to help local groups and projects reflect on their original aims, their leadership, and how they enable engagement through by blessing people, helping them to belong, grow in faith, question their own priorities, change how they live, and invite others to participate. 

2018 Reading lists and resources that church leaders may find helpful.


2018 Leaflet outlining the vision and aims of the Peterborough Pioneer Hub, including how we are supported by Adherents, Associates, and Advocates.

Compiled in 2016, a series of resources intended to helping people focus on Jesus' call to engage in mission. Entitled, 'Jesus, Agent of Change'.


Compiled in 2015, but still useful are the resources that we produced for the preaching and small group series. 


Mission Shaped intro has always been a free and effective resource to help churches understand why they may need to change their approach to worship and mission, in accordance with changes in how people communicate, learn, and reflect. 

Pioneer Hub
Local Church Audits
Preaching Series
MIssion Plan workbook
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