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Hi folks - Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we are not publishing the Plan in the usual fashion, but are contacting Local Preachers and Churches independently. This will allow us to respond in the most flexible way as local churches emerge from the lockdown.

Over the course of the pandemic, our local churches have responded in deep and far-reaching ways to support their own members, and others in the local community. This has included the provision of paper resources for people worshipping at home, WhatsApp groups linking people together, worship services and fellowship meetings via Zoom, Facebook Live, and YouTube, an increase in our investment in telephone ministry, and use of e-mail.  Put simply, whilst we have been separated as a result of social distancing, we have, curiously, become closer, and as a result there is no better time to become part of your local church. 

If you visit our Homepage you will find links to join us in online worship, and church leaders continue to be accessible by phone and e-mail. 

God bless you all


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